The iQ Group Global Ltd is a publicly listed life sciences organisation trading on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX:IQG) and cross listed on the OTCQB in New York (IQNDY).

The life sciences sector is one of the best performing industries globally. Through the intersection of dedicated medical and clinical research, the life sciences sector supports the development of human therapeutics, clinical diagnostics and medical devices that empower people to lead happier and healthier lives. It is made up of a diverse range of industry participants including biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical conglomerates, manufacturing companies, research organisations, state and federal government departments, academic institutions, industry bodies, healthcare organizations and medical and allied health groups within the clinical setting as well as specialist providers who deliver support functions, products and services that are essential to the functioning of the sector.

The forecast for the increasing demand in the life sciences sector is being driven by considerable macro-forces including:

  • A rapidly increasing global population
  • An aging populace
  • More sedentary lifestyles leading to obesity and other related health concerns including heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  • An increase in the incidence of both infectious and chronic diseases
  • Technological and medical advances
  • Increased wealth in the emerging world and;
  • Improved access to affordable healthcare in many parts of the world

The iQ Group Global Ltd is uniquely positioned to provide integrated scientific advisory, IP asset management and contract drug development services to the global life sciences sector. The leadership team across the three organizations brings decades of drug development experience as well as proven expertise in navigating the complex hurdles faced by stakeholders on life science projects.

This presents a compelling opportunity for investors to become active in the life sciences space.


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